Mutton Bustin'

Sponsored by Brewer Crane

Mutton Bustin'

Does your child want to be a part of this year's Rodeo? Mutton Bustin' is the event for them!

Eligibility Requirements:

Ages: 4-7

Weight: 55 pounds or less

How it Works:

  • There will be 10 participants per Rodeo Performance
  • To make it fair and transparent to all potential riders, we will:
    • Accept only online applications during the application period
      • Potential riders may apply for up to all 3 performances for which they are available to ride, but will only be selected for 1 performance
    • Each rider will be randomly numbered and entered into a drawing for the day(s) for which they applied
      • We will draw numbers randomly for the riding slots for each performance on Facebook Live

Timeline & Details to Apply:

  • Details & deadlines to be announced!

Mutton Bustin' Riders

August 26th

To be announced

August 27th

To be announced

August 28th

To be announced


Fred Grand Arena / ROCC Site
421 Aqua Lane
Ramona, CA 92065


Ramona Rodeo
PO Box 1555
Ramona, CA 92065


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